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Our Story

Meet Vinayak and Anant, two childhood friends who started off their drinking journey together with bunking school and sipping on Breezers. Our founders, started Bored Beverages out of their sheer love and passion for alcohol.

Before starting Bored Bev, Anant was a litigating lawyer and Vinayak was a consultant. Bored of drinking the same old bitter and boring alcohol, the two of them decided they wanted to spice up the game and bring flavourful experiences to the Indian consumer.




With the radical idea of changing the indian alco-bev space, both quit their jobs in July 2020 and decided to drive down to Nashik, the wine capital of this country in order to understand how manufacturing works.  


After visiting various wineries (big and small) and multiple wine tasting sessions, the duo came back home to Delhi and started making experimental batches to develop their first product in the market, No Label Original Mead. On 15th August 2020, they made their first batch in Anant's room after watching some DIY videos (tasted like gasoline). Over the course of the next year, they made multiple batches and threw even more parties to finalise the recipe.  

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Cut to 2022 and No Label Original Mead was launched for sale in Gurgaon and Delhi. So go on then, give us a try! Click here to find out the theka closest to you! 

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